Can United States Seize Pakistan’s Nukes?

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Can United States Seize Pakistan’s Nukes?

Postby Spearhead Research » Mon May 16, 2011 4:39 pm

Project Pakistan
Project for Pakistan in the 21 Century

Can United States Seize Pakistan’s Nukes?

This policy brief, prepared by Strategic Technology Resources, seeks to answer a key question disturbing the Pakistani public opinion in the aftermath of the 2 May 2011 US military operation near Islamabad that eliminated Al-Qaeda terror chief.

The key question is: Can the United States or a non-state actor access and take over Pakistan’s nuclear weapons or destroy them?

After sizing up the capabilities of both the US and any non-state actors, the brief gives a conclusive answer: No.

The report says that non-state actors are neither interested in nuclear weapons nor do they need them.

As for the United States, a look into Washington’s ability to physically attack Pakistani nuclear weapons is the crux of this brief and provides insights never discussed before in public.

Author: Dr. Shireen M. Mazari

Download Link: ImageCan United States Seize Pakistan’s Nukes?

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